The Children of War 

Our generation is different. Not just from the one before us, but the one after us. We’re so transitional. We lived the life without technology when we were young and now? We’re the ones teaching it to others. This poem is dedicated to us;

We are the children of war

We are the babies

Who were thrown into an abyss

Abandoned in the jungle

And when the Mowglis came back

They called us 


But even wild is a compliment 

Because it is not the animals 

Who leave their cubs 

At the mercy of time



Look into my eyes and tell me

One more time

That my generation has failed

Because we’re just


Looking for a friend

Looking for a place we can call home

And if you burnt the shacks 

Don’t expect us to come back

We’ve found our way

And it is not what you would’ve expected

And I still believe 

We have what it takes

To beat you at your game

And valour may have skipped this generation 

But it will come back in the next

Because they’ll learn from

The children of war


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