Questioning the Universe

An atheist may argue that a Muslim believes in God blind-folded. Afterall, we can’t see Him, but there’s something in the Quran that’s always struck a cord within me. God asks us to THINK. He asks us to CONTEMPLATE and in doing so, we can strengthen our relationship with Him 

  أَفَلَا تَعْقِلُونَ

(Then will you not reason?)

[Al-Quran; 2:44]

The following poem depicts just that;

They grabbed me by the arm

And hushed in my ear

‘This. Take this’

And I was handed a list

Of things

I must belive in

On the bottom there was a note

‘Extra points for obedience’

Obedience? To what?

But by that time 

The figure had disappeared

Turns out he had other kids 

To hand that list too

But I’m not one

Who swallows every pill 

Until I’ve read the complete leaflet.

After thinking day in day out

After questioning

Books after people after ideologies

And experiences beyond what 

The scientist can fathom

The scientist tells me

What? Where? When?

But it never answered


I need answers

I need to know

Why my soul feels older

Than 17

I need to know 

Why I can’t control everything

In my 24 hours

The weight around me

Is greater than what 206 bones

Can carry

So fragile. So helpless.

Why do I have an alarm inside me

Why does it ring 

Every time I sin

They try to snooze it 

Turn up the music

Till it fades in the background

But I wanna know

What it’s trying to say

Why does my heart go

Lub dub

In. Out.


I found it. The leaflet

I found all the Whys

And the Who

Lub Dub




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