If life were one week

​Day 1

Beginnings are beautiful 

But ours

Is pitiable

We’re stumbling

But that 

Is forgiven

Not like slipping 

From a mountain

More like skipping 

The bottom step

Day 2

We’re mumbling

Taking in too much

Giving out too less 

Day 3 

We’re stable

We know how to 

Hide our breath

Like playing dead

Infront of bears

Day 4

They called us


Felt like an arrow

Covered in honey

Day 5

We’re painters

We’re builders

Hiding behind

Invisible walls

Plastering smiles 

Day 6

Today no one cared

Neither did we

A game of chess

And the pieces 

Haven’t moved

Day 7

Beginnings are beautiful

But ours

Is only the first day

That’s why we forget

To forgive

Every other day.

Day 8

We’re forgiven 

But this day

Never comes


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