Recipe to Success

I don’t know 

When or how

This recipe 

Of success

Was fed to me 

But here’s what it was:

You mix 




And entertainment 

Into a big pot 

Labelled ‘happiness’

Then you drink the concoction 

And pretend

Like its the best thing 

You’ve ever tasted.

Don’t worry 

If you get undereye bags

And feel depressed

Still worried?

Turn up the music

Eat more

‘Care’ less

Because that’s easy, right? 


One day 

I stumbled upon 

This book covered in dust

On my shelf

And I began reading it

Funny enough, it had a recipe too

But here’s what it was:


You can’t ‘care’ less

But you can hand over 

Your worries

To God.


But cautiously.

Love yourself;

For you an amazing creation.

And ever since then 

My happiness revolves around 

One thing:


I don’t need a five course meal 

To feel good

A simple cup of tea

Is enough

I don’t need mobs of fans

A single friend

Is enough

And it’s okay 

If that friend

Is myself.


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