I laid my past to peace tonight

Do you have memories you haven’t come to terms with? If so, I did too but you see, we can’t carry the weight of the past for too long. So here’s what you need to do: Accept. Accept that your path has been carved out by God and He chose best. You will not wake up one day and accept it. It is a concious effort but it’s worth it


 I think it’s funny

How the world

Sees aging

As negative.

They bottle up

Anti-aging potions

And the sad part is

It sells.

But I swear

There isn’t one day 

Trust me,

The good or the bad

Or the worse

Or the worst

That I would want to replace.

My wrinkles;

I’ll wear with pride.

Their ups and downs 

Will tell stories

Of the paths I have treaded

Or the nights I have dreaded

But I loved

And lived

And grew.

Who knew 

The little girl

Could be proud

Of her scars too?


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